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Young porn seventeen

Young porn seventeen

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Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 10:01:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Tom Borden Subject: "The Church of the Holy Seed" Chapter 4THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEEDChapter 4 I'd fallen sound asleep immediately, but awoke when I felt someone fondling my balls and penis in the dark. It felt good."Oh, Ricky," I said, "that feels so good. But you should be asleep."I felt a hand moving up my stomach and chest. Then I felt his breath on my face."I'm not Ricky, Roger. I'm Bert Simmons. Eric and I couldn't sleep thinking about you and Ricky. I had to have the feel of your warm skin against mine."I wrapped my arms around Bert's back. I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine as he ran his tongue over my ear."What time is it?" I asked."It's about two-thirty.""Where's Eric?"Bert began kissing my cheeks and running his tongue over my lips. "Eric's with Ricky. They left the tent and wanted to be alone somewhere. Why don't you and I go outside too, and have a walk in the woods. It's beautiful out there, and the moon is so bright. It's so romantic. Or doesn't being romantic appeal to you?""No, I like to be romantic," I said."Sex is so much better when there's romance, don't you think?"I sat on the edge of the bunk. Bert stood beside me and gently pulled my face against his stomach as he caressed my neck and shoulders. I was looking down and could see a long elastic string of his semen hanging off his penis. The strong erotic smell of his skin was like a narcotic to me. I kissed his stomach and ran my hand down over his strong thighs. The younger babes russia soft hair on them made the gentle curves of his leg young teacher porn muscles feel like silk.We walked through the moonlight into a clearing by a small stream. I watched him as he leaned against a tree and held out his arms. At the office, I had mentally undressed him whenever I saw him. But his naked body, aglow in the moonlight, was like an Adonis, sculpted in bronze. I went to him and let myself be young erotic jpg enfolded in his strong arms, our rigid cocks pressed hard together.Bert ran his tongue over my ear and whispered, "I love you, Roger. I've suffered with my love for you from the day I first saw you.""I . . . I . . . ." A thrilling surge raced through my body. I was speechless."Eric and Ricky are out here somewhere, too," Bert said. "Did you know they are also in younger babes russia love with each other?""No. They're only twelve years old. How could they . . . ."Bert continued to hold me tightly. "I want the four of us to go far away and live together.""You mean leave our wives?""Yes. We'll be four lovers, who all love one another equally. Can you think of anything more romantic than that, Roger?"I didn't know what to say. But there was nothing in this world I would rather do than what he was suggesting. But it was impossible. He'd think differently in the light of day.Bert took hold of my shoulders and laid young teen nudists me down gently on the grass. He stood over me with his feet on either side of my head. I raised my head enough to run young lebian porn my tongue over the soft hair of his calves. Oh, God. I would fly off with him that very minute.Bert crouched down over me and ran his tongue over my entire sweaty body. As he got into a 69 position, we took each others raging cocks into our mouths. I ran my hands over his beautiful legs. At the moment his tongue touched the head of my penis, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. As he teased my pee-hole and licked the full length of my cock, that orgasmic feeling continued without let-up. But it couldn't last forever, and I felt the muscle at the base of my cock grab hold of me as I felt my teens young hard sperm surging up my shaft into Bert's mouth. At the same moment, gobs of his hot cream flooded my mouth and poured down my throat.We lay there for many minutes, gasping for air.Over and over, Bert said, "I love you. I love you." Then he said, "Let's go find the boys. The four of us belong together. To fill our bodies with one another's hot sperm will send the Grace of God surging through our veins. The four of us can form a daisy chain with our cocks up each other's asses. We'd fuck and fuck until we all shot our loads. Then I'd get down and suck all the hot cum out of everyone's asses and eat it. I'd be in God's heaven."At that moment, if Bert had not been almost twice as big as me, I would have thrown young pretens sex him down and violently raped him on the spot. But I knew I had to get pics young cocks a grip on myself. That could never happen.As we walked in search of Ricky and Eric, I asked, "Bert, is it only my sperm that makes you youngest fack think you love me? It is, isn't it? It's my sperm you love. Not me."We stopped, and he took me into his arms again. "That's not true. Your sperm is special to me because young cums movie I love you. I love your sensuous body, the longing for someone to love you showing in your dark eyes, your lips. And because of that, I want your sperm inside of me---not just anyone's sperm. Being with you is a wholly religious experience."I knew this was going nowhere. I wanted sex and romance with this man, not a religious experience. So why was I here? Why young africa porn was I pretending to be communing with God by ingesting sperm?"Let's go on to see if we can find the boys," I said.As we walked, Bert said, "You don't understand, do you?""I admit I'm having some difficulty understanding the religious feeling you have.""I don't mean that, Roger. Aside from that, I mean you don't understand the romantic love I have for you."We heard some rustling ahead, and came upon Ricky and Eric with two other boys. They seemed not to notice us. Two of them were busily engaged in fucking the other two doggy-style. younger babes russia Ricky and Eric were the two doing the fucking. I could see a shiny stream of cum running down the back of Ricky's leg, meaning he had already gotten a good fucking from one of the boys---or perhaps the father of one of them, who was lying passed out nearby.After they both shot their loads and collapsed on the ground, I said, "Why are you out here? Couldn't you do that back in the tent?"Eric looked up and said, "It's more romantic out here in the moonlight. Praise God."It was indeed more romantic, but I could tell Eric and his father were of one mind on that score.Bert put his hands on either side of my head and kissed me on the lips. "I tell you, Roger, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.""I think I love you, too," I said, "more than I've ever loved anyone else."I took hold of Ricky's arm and said, "Come on, Ricky. We can still get some sleep. And then we need to get young cums movie into the shower first thing in the morning. We're both pretty dirty and sweaty." As Ricky came close to me, I could smell the raunch on his body, mixed with the smell of cum and sex.Ricky said, "I'm glad you love young lebian porn Mr. Simmons. I love Eric, too. More than anyone else.""I don't russian young tiny know, Ricky, at your age if you could possibly know what romantic love is."It was hard to walk away from Bert. I wanted his gorgeous body so badly. I knew it wouldn't take much more convincing from him to run away with him and our sons. I had to admit to myself I was also deeply in love with him. If there is a God, why? Why does he do this to us? In the showers that morning were three priests, on their knees filling themselves up with their usual morning dose of their parishioner's sperm. In one corner of the large shower room were two naked men and three naked boys lying helter-skelter in a clump, all sound asleep. They seemed undisturbed by the adult young running water that sloshed around them. They'd obviously had quite a night of it.When Ricky and I left the shower, I said, "Let's walk around the grounds a little as we dry off. I'm not sure I'm ready to face any more of these horny parishioners just yet. Especially so early in the morning.""You're thinking about Mr. Simmons, Aren't you, dad? Do you love him as much as I love Eric?""I think I do. I know I do."As we walked near the main gate, a Sheriff's car drove up. The naked man stationed at the gate rose up from his camp chair to greet them.One of the deputies said, "We've received some complaints from residents of that trailer park over there that there are strange goings-on here in this camp. They've noticed some lewd and lascivious things happening."The guard said, "This is a private beautiful young girls camp, sir.""It's obviously a nudist camp," one of the deputies said. "You need a state license to operate this sort of place. We checked and don't find a license has been applied for.""Well, sir," the guard said, "I don't know anything about that. You'll have to talk to Father John.""Where can we find him?""He's in Tent Number one."I spoke up and said, "Follow us, Officers. We'll take you there."The deputies sauntered arrogantly behind us with their hands resting on their holsters as though they expected trouble. I lifted the tent flap and entered with the deputies coming in behind me. Father John was lying on his bunk, being roughly serviced by one of his priests. He sat up abruptly, and the priest scampered out of the tent."These gentlemen wish to speak young russians thumbs with you," I said. Ricky and I stood over at the side and listened."Oh, Officer. What can I do for you?""We need to get some information about this operation.""Please," Father John said, waving his arm toward another bunk. "Won't you have a seat? I apologize for not having any decent chairs.""I'm Deputy Snow, and this is Deputy Waters. We've had some complaints. You're running a nudist camp, and you don't have a license to do it.""This is not a nudist camp, sir. It is the Fellowship camp grounds owned by the Church of the Holy Seed. Father Timothy assured me he had taken care of all the details.""What kind of church are you running here?" Snow asked. "I've never heard of it.""It's like any other. We worship God. But our particular focus is on the life-giving sperm that God has provided all men.""Sperm?" said Waters, his mouth dropping open."Of course," Father John said. "You know what that is. You can't deny there would be no human life at all without it. It is a holy substance."Waters shook his head. "I don't get it.""You don't? Are you married with children?"Both deputies nodded their heads."Then you know the importance of your sperm. It is a treasured seed, without which you'd have no children. And I'll be willing to bet that you have produced sperm at times other than when trying to make babies, either with your wives or alone. Right?"They both shrugged their shoulders and mumbled their assent."Exactly," Father John said. "Like all men, you jerk off . . . I mean, you masturbate. And you do it frequently. Right?"Another slightly embarrassed shrug of the shoulders in agreement. Deputy Snow said, "Yeah, I slap the monkey once in a while.""Our church worships our God-given sperm. And in order for all of us to be at one with God, we take one another's sperm into our bodies. In that way, we have bonded with all other men and feel the Grace of God spreading through our veins."Snow looked incredulous and said, "You take each other's sperm into your bodies? How?"Oh, surely you're not that naive. Through the mouth or the anus, of course."Waters turned to Snow and said, "In other words, these are a bunch of cocksuckers.""Come, come, Deputy Waters. We don't use street language in our church. And surely, sir, you can't tell me young vigina you've never had your penis sucked---a good looking young man like yourself.""Well, I . . . .""Of course you have. It's enormously pleasurable, and you feel no shame, do you?""Well . . . no.""Not only did God provide you with the ability to produce sperm, but he also added a great deal of pleasure for you while you're producing it. And I've never seen any rules as to how one is teeny young sex suppose to produce it. You don't limit your sperm producing activity just to fucking . . . I mean just to intercourse with a woman. You also stroke it with your hand, masturbate, to produce the wonderful feeling. So it doesn't matter how you produce it. Another man's lips over your penis can do the job just as well. Also fucking . . . I mean, having intercourse with another man is just as effective young tiny pussy in producing it and achieving a very satisfying orgasm. Surely, you agree with all that.""Well . . . yes," Snow said. "I suppose you're right. But intercourse with a man. I'm not sure . . .""It all has the same effect, Deputy Snow." Father John moved over to the other bunk and sat between the two deputies. "I think you're both open-minded enough to let me show you what I'm talking about."Father John placed his hand on Deputy Snow's fly and looked pleased to feel an abnormal bulge. The deputy didn't move."Now stand up and drop your pants so I can demonstrate. You'll find that the lips and tongue can work wonders just as well as your hand. Often, far better. But of course, you've already experienced a blow job teeny young sex . . . I mean another's mouth young sexy breasts on your penis, but not by another man.Snow hesitated. "I'm not sure I want to . . . .""Now do what I tell you, sir," Father John said firmly.Snow dropped his pants as instructed. Deputy Waters stared at him with a look of shock. Father John went down to his knees and, with one hand cupped under Snow's balls, took his hard penis fully into his mouth. He expertly massaged the penis with his lips and tongue. Deputy Waters began to rub his own bulge as he watched. He looked up at me and Ricky.I nodded and said, "Go ahead, sir. Do it. It's all right."Waters undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees. A fine rigid cock emerged, surrounded by an enormous bush of black hair that extended from hip to hip. He began to stroke it as he watched his partner's flaming hot younger babes russia tool going in and out of Father John's mouth.Both Ricky and I were hard as granite, watching these two beautiful young men of the law. Without warning, Ricky ran forward and fell to his knees in front of Deputy Waters and took his gorged penis into his mouth. Waters threw his head back and moaned with pleasure. With every plunge, Ricky took all eight inches of the man's monster rod into his throat.I could hardly stand it. I didn't dare touch my own penis. Every time I did, it started to throb violently, accompanied by the feeling that my orgasm was at hand.Deputy Waters was now rocking his head back and forth and moaning loudly. As he began bucking his hips against Rickey's face, he shouted out, "Fuck! God-damn, Fuck! young child girl Suck that mother-fucker, boy! Suck it hard!Ricky speeded up his sucking, and Waters yelled out, "I'm gonna give you somethin, God damn it, that's really gonna make you praise the Lord!Each time Ricky's lips pulled up over Water's cock head, I could see the heavy purple veins that circled Waters' cock expand like heavy ropes. I knew he was about to blast a load of thick cream into my son's mouth."Ahhhhhh!," teens young hard Waters growled as he sent volley after volley into Ricky's mouth.Waters fell back on the bunk exhausted and breathing heavily. Sweat poured off his face as he continued to murmur, "Oh fuck, oh fuck."His pants were now down around his ankles. Ricky sat back on his haunches and ran his hands over the deputy's shapely hairy legs.Father John had slowed down sucking on Snow's cock, while they both watched Ricky bring Waters to orgasm. Now Father John resumed his expert job of tongue work on Snow as he brought his lips ruthlessly up and down the full length of the lawman's nine inches. Snow didn't call out anything, but he bucked his young child girl hips up and down so violently that Father John must have feared for his nose that was being pummeled by every strike of Snow's pelvis. Soon Deputy Snow seemed to fall into a complete trance as his orgasm took hold of his body. He shook and shuddered almost as though he were epileptic. Father John couldn't swallow Snow's flood of cum fast enough and it oozed out of his mouth down over his chin.While the two deputies lay sweating and gasping for air, Father John stood up and helped Ricky to his feet. He looked down at the two lawmen lying helpless and spent.He said, "Now I hope you felt the grace of God spreading through you as you sent your holy sperm into young erotic jpg our bodies.""Yes, yes," Snow said as he stared blankly at the roof of the tent. "Never have I experienced such a powerful orgasm. My body is still buzzing.""You see," Father John said. "It is God's reward to you that you shared your precious sperm with another man. We are now all men of God."Deputy Waters finally sat up. "What's this shit about God. It was just a fucking hot blowjob like I've never had before. Are all you fuckers in this church as good as this kid is?""Of course," Father John said. "It is because of our deep devotion to God that we bring such great pleasure to those whom we give our sperm. I assume that neither of you has experienced the pleasure that only God can give in taking another man's sperm into your own bodies."The Deputies looked at each other. Waters said, "Oh no. None of that shit. I suppose you think we should suck some guy's cock or take it up the ass. Are you crazy?""Deputy Waters. Think about it. Giving your sperm to another man, as you did this young porn seventeen morning, became the greatest experience you've ever had. You admitted it. Why do you think that taking another man's sperm into your body would be any less spectacular? Especially taking it from a young man of God like Ricky here. His father here is also a man of God. Only by ingesting their sperm will you experience the most incredible sense of pleasure you have ever had. There are many men in this world who are never presented with such an extraordinary opportunity as teeny young sex this."Snow looked up at Father John like super young porn a little boy eager to please his dad. "Yes, Father. What should I do?""The way that would please God the most would be for me to lie flat on the bunk with you lying between my legs. You will take my penis into young pretens sex your mouth and run your lips up and down over loita young teens my shaft, while caressing my penis with your tongue, as I did yours. But you must remove all of your clothes so that we are both naked. That is essential. We must lay both our souls and our bodies naked before God.Father John stretched out and spread open his legs. As Deputy Snow removed his clothes, Father John said, "Please, Deputy Waters, since you are both together, it is best that you take our sperm just as your partner is doing. Brother Roger here is a confirmed member of our church, and he will provide the sperm for your body."Waters looked hesitant as I quickly flung myself onto another bunk and spread my legs.Father John said, "You must do as I say, Deputy Waters. If not, you will have missed out on one of the most sublime experiences this world has ever known. It's an opportunity few are given."Waters removed his clothes and slowly climbed up and laid between my legs. His entire body was beautifully tanned. Vince young draft There was young nude naturist no tan line, which meant he sunned himself nude. I watched as he lowered his sensuous body between my legs. With his wonderful wide shoulders and tiny little hips with the cute little buns popping out behind, a wild sexual frenzy took over my body."Now both of you," Father John said, "take our penises in your mouth. You certainly know how that's done by having watched others blow your cock . . . or rather, suck your penis."Both deputies took our raging hard cocks into their mouths. Father John immediately began moaning. I was suddenly overcome with the realization that a young man of the law had my gorged penis in his mouth. Waters started to suck it very tentatively, and I thought he might stop. But just then, Ricky jumped up on the bunk and started running his tongue very lightly over Waters' cute little ass cheeks. I knew it must have tickled him because he flexed his ass muscles wildly. When Ricky spread the cheeks with his hands and ran his tongue through the thick black hair in the Deputy's ass crack, Waters began sucking harder and faster in more earnest. I was certain he was beginning to like the taste of my cock. He even began running his hands over my abs and was soon pinching my nipples.When I started to buck my hips a little, he put his hands under my ass and pulled my hips up hard against his face. I knew this was going to be the orgasm of the century. I could feel it building. I reached down and ran my fingers through his ears, which made him moan with pleasure.I looked over at Deputy Snow, who was now attacking Father John's hard penis furiously, and jamming the full length of it into his throat.Then suddenly, Father John bucked his hips and called out. "Ahhhh! Christ be saved! Here it comes!"I could see Snow's throat working fast to swallow the great loads of hot creamy cum as Father John bucked his hips up against the deputy's mouth. Watching that was enough to send me over the edge. My orgasm was teetering on the rim of blasting forth, now I let it go. I was floating in another world with my orgasm as I felt Deputy Waters' tongue continue to slash across my surging penis.When my orgasm subsided, Water's kept my wilting penis in his mouth and lay his head over on my thigh. As he blinked his eyes, his long black eyelashes tickled young defloration xxx my skin. He moaned quietly. He moved his porno of young fingers under my balls and gently caressed them.The four of us lay quietly for a long time, saying nothing. Only Ricky was moving about as he ran his tongue over the back of Waters' deeply tanned legs.After many minutes, Father John arose from the bed and stood by it. Ricky looked at the priest's wilting penis and apparently couldn't resist it. He scampered over and took it in his mouth, sucking from it the last drops of cream.Father John looked down at us and said, "Gentlemen. I can well see that you have been transformed. You lie there speechless, unable to describe what you have just experienced. The incredible thing that has just happened to you is God's reward for taking our sperm into your young teen nudists bodies and becoming one with Him.The two deputies eventually rose up and sat on the end of their cots. They seemed not themselves as their eyelids fluttered and they each massaged their throats as though to warm the precious sperm as it traveled to their stomachs. They ran their hands over their stomachs and thighs as though they were feeling their bodies for the first time.Father John went around and stood between the two bunks and put one hand upon each of their heads. "You are now true believers. Your bodies have been renewed and sanctified by another's holy sperm. You have no choice in the eyes of God other than to continue the ingestion of the sacred sperm."Deputy Snow spoke quietly, as in a trance. "Yes, I will. I must take the holy cream up through my asshole now."Deputy Waters murmured. "Yes. Up through the asshole."They spoke as though they were in a hypnotic state."Not now, my brothers. First we have a little business to take care of. Surely, you know nothing of any complaints about our camp from any nasty trailer trash out there.""No, I've heard nothing," they said, almost in unison."And certainly you intend to report that all is legal and proper here.""Of course," said Deputy Snow. "We've found nothing improper here."Deputy Waters said, "I want to take it up my ass. When?""You will need to stay with us young vigina for the rest of the day. Call in to your dispatcher and report that young teen tits you will be investigating other complains in town. If you're good boys all day, you'll have a good fuck . . . pretteen young sex or several good fucks tonight. In the meantime, you can leave your uniforms and guns in here. They'll be safe. We require absolute nakedness here."I lay there staring at these two deputies, each with a young lebian porn look of submissive awe spread across their beautiful faces. I was amazed at how Father John had pulled off this scam. He was a con artist of the first rank. Who would have believed anyone could so easily convert two tough Sheriff's deputies to such a fraudulent idea as the religious worship of sperm. They must be idiots to have fallen for it teens young hard so easily.I had a sudden urge to lay my hand on the soft fleshy part of Waters' upper inner thigh. It was covered with such soft furry hair, almost like baby hair. I massaged it lightly, bringing myself to full erection again."Deputy Waters," I said, "You and I could get together again after this camp is over. We could find a place where we can worship each other's sperm. As Father John said, we must do it often in order to please God.""Sure," Waters said, now smiling. "Can we have the boy with us? I've never had such an incredible orgasm as he gave me.""He's my son," I said."Your son?" Waters looked surprised. "I have a son, too. I wonder if he'd be interested in young lebian porn joining the Church of the Holy Seed. It's an incredible experience. I know he jerks off all the time in his bed. He has a smelly, cum-encrusted towel he keeps under Vince young draft his pillow. He shouldn't waste his sperm that way when he can give it to me.""I'm sure he'd be very interested." Ricky and I stood outside the tent and watched Deputies Snow and Waters, now completely naked, wander into the large shelter where they disappeared into a seething crowd of other naked bodies.Ricky said, "Father John young lebian porn told them they would have to wait until tonight before they could get fucked. But I'll bet they get fucked a hundred times before then.""I think you're right. They've become true believers this morning.Father John had headed toward the shelter, and I heard over the loud speakers his voice calling for everyone to gather there for announcements.When everyone had quieted down, Father John began to speak. "Isn't this a beautiful day that God has given us? I know that we have all spent our first day and night renewing the bond we have with God. We are all deeply blessed with the sperm of our brothers young teen tits in our bodies. And I wish to thank all those of you who have been so generous with filling your collection cups. Our priests had communion this morning, and were able to drink full cups of God's precious fluid. Any men or boys who wish to give thanks anally into the priests should affix their names to the sign-up sheets up here on the platform."Today, we'll be starting our competitions for your enjoyment. You were all asked to sign up yesterday for the competitions you wanted to participate in. masturbation young There are signs around the premises marking the locations of these games. Those of you who've signed up should go there now"Ricky and I had signed up for the "Hit the Spot" competition, where five fathers would lie down flat next to one another on their backs, and their sons would stand at their feet and jack off. They must aim carefully to shoot their cum directly into the open mouths of their fathers, without getting adult young a single drop anywhere sevina young fashion else. I knew that several fathers and their sons had practiced this many times, but Ricky and I had tried it only once, with his hot cum splattering all over my face.We got into position, and Ricky and the other boys started jacking their penises furiously. The boy who came first missed his father's mouth completely, shooting his sperm onto his ear and onto the neck of the man next to him. The next boy also missed his father's mouth, but managed to get all his sperm into his hair and on one of his eyes.Ricky's face started to contort, and I knew he was ready to blow. The first volley of his sperm hit me on my upper lip and in my mouth, but the next several volleys sent his sperm all over my forehead, with a little on the ground. It was better than the other two boys had done, but still no cigar. The fourth boy to cum missed his father completely, shooting it up to his own chin. His father said, "You little mother-fucker. What the fuck are you doing?" The boy started to cry. Only one boy remained, and he couldn't cum at all. His father sat up and took the boy's penis in his mouth and sucked it hard. After a minute or two, the boy came. His father then threw his arms in the air and opened his mouth wide, showing a mouthful of boy cum. He shouted, "We won! Every drop went into my mouth!"Of course, he didn't win. Nobody won. We played the game several times that day with other fathers and sons, with no luck for any of us. What a stupid game, I thought. The whole camp business was nothing but a big pile of stupid shit. But we'd signed up for another competition, and Ricky was eager to get at it. This was another one where the fathers and their sons endlessly practiced for it. It was called "Sink the Hammer."As in the first competition, the fathers lay on their backs with their hard cocks standing straight up. Some men's hard cocks flopped back on their stomachs. They were disqualified from competing. A boy---this time NOT his own son---was to stand over the man's hips and slowly lower his ass down onto the man's hard cock. What the judges looked for was form. The boy must lower himself slowly, at a steady rate, and, without a break in the pace, press his asshole down over the man's cock until it completely disappeared inside of him. He had to do it so expertly that the cock did not bend over or move appreciably as the boy buried the man's cock inside of him. It obviously took enormous practice. But Ricky and I had never tried it.About fifty men and boys lined up to do it, young teacher porn one couple at a time. I had some other man's young son, who looked about fourteen, standing over me. He was deeply tanned and one of the hottest boys I'd seen there. He had a lovely long ball sack for a boy that age, and it swung from side to side as he adjusted his feet into position. I suddenly noticed a stream of cum running down the inside of his leg. He'd obviously gotten fucked a few minutes before.I was not allowed to touch my penis to steady super young porn it. Everything depended upon the boy's skill. He lowered himself slowly until I felt my penis touching his hole. He continued to move lower without slowing, and easily enveloped my entire cock into his rectum. Two judges were lying on the mat on either side of me looking carefully at the procedure. It happened perfectly, and I was convinced the boy had won the competition. Before pulling off, the boy started jacking off his cock. Within seconds, He shot several long streams of hot thick cum over my chest and neck. I scooped some up and tasted it. It was as delicious as thick warm pudding.I watched as all the rest of the boys tried their skill, but most failed miserably. There were cries of pain from a number of the men when there hard penises were young tiny pussy almost bent in half by the boys' poor aim.In the end, however, the sweet little boy who had taken my entire cock up his ass won the competition. The prize was an oversized, battery-operated dildo that vibrated for his masturbation pleasure.The judge said, "You won't know what a really hot powerful orgasm is until you feel this rubber cock vibrating against your little prostate.Ricky had failed at his attempt. The father who had been Ricky's partner came up to me afterward and said he was sorry Ricky couldn't do it because he wanted so badly to have his cock all the way up into Ricky's pretty ass.Rickey took hold of the man's hard penis and said, "I was sorry, too, but you can fuck me right now."Right there on the grass, Rickey young erect nudists got down on all fours and said, "Go ahead, mister. Fuck me like a dog."The man got down on young tiny pussy his knees and pounded my son with a really rough fuck. I was kind of worried, but Ricky loved it. I could tell my son had turned into a real twelve year-old fuck-hound. Father Bruce appeared suddenly. He said, "I just met a couple of your friends, Roger. young defloration xxx I don't think they're parishioners of our church. They said they met you this morning. They're two hot mother-fuckers. They've been on their backs, getting fucked all day. There's even a line waiting. One of these guys keeps shouting, "More sperm! Fill me up with more sperm for the glory of God!" They're a couple of the Earth's true beauties, but they must be idiots. Who put all that God shit into their heads?"I knew they had to be the two Sheriff's deputies. "I think Father John had a talk with them early this morning and gave them some instructions.""Father John, eh? That fuck head.""Maybe you should thank Father John for what he does," I said. "If it weren't for porno of young him and his vision, you wouldn't have all these cute guys to fuck."I looked around and saw that Ricky had wandered off with his friend Eric. They were sitting on the ground and leaning against a tree with their arms around each other. younger sisters incest They were kissing gently and talking young teacher porn quietly. They really did look as though they were truly in love . . . just as Bert had said.I wandered back to our tent. I was tired. Could it be that all this endless sex had become tedious and tiring? For once, I was alone in young nudists the tent, and I lay down. I stared at the canvas above me as I thought about what was happening to Ricky and me. Bert Simmons had talked about romance. I believed, now more than ever, sex took on a deeper meaning if there was romance involved. All this gratuitous sex we were having seemed so hollow, so without substance. When it was over, there was nothing, but the renewed desire to search out more sex. Maybe it was my age. When I was a much younger man, sucking and fucking, and nothing but sucking and fucking, was all I wanted and thought about.Perhaps young teen tits Bert Simmons was right. Our love, and the love our sons had for each other gave meaning to the sex we had. Although my filthy masturbation fantasies involved only down and dirty sex, there were other things that often warmed my imagination. Romantic candlelight dinners teeny young nudes with a man I love, where we hold hands across the table. Afternoon drives into the Rockies where we stop and lie in each other's arms on a grassy hillside. We watch a beautiful sunset with its red and orange and purple rays reflecting on St. Catherines' Glacier on the mountainside across the valley. I love him for just being there, close to me. We kiss and, after a while, slowly undress each other. We lie there in each other's arms with the cool mountain breeze wafting over our naked bodies. Oh, how we love each other. We run our hands and tongues over each other, reacquainting ourselves with every curve and hidden place of our bodies. The smell and taste of his skin. Oh, how we love each other! The sunset has young africa porn faded, the moon is now full. We hold each other tightly in our arms against the evening chill and talk of our love.What am I doing in this camp, I asked myself. Bert Simmons wanted romance. He told me I didn't understand. But I did. I love him. I really do love him. And I know Ricky and Eric love each other. I'll find Bert, I thought, and I'll tell him. I didn't know what the future held. But at that moment, I wanted more than anything for the four of us to find a way to run off together as teeny young nudes lovers . . . not just as crazed sex partners, but as true romantic lovers.Just then, I was startled out of my reverie when Father Bruce came into the tent. He smiled and leaned over me. With both hands, he grabbed and pinched my nipples. "You're right, Roger. If it weren't for Father John's vision, we wouldn't have all these cute guys to fuck. Let's fuck!!"I threw my legs up and held them against my chest with my hands under my knees. I smiled and said, "Okay, Father Bruce! Let's fuck!" Note: My humble thanks to everyone who has responded so favorably to this story. To those of you who have said you are put off by the idea of sex between boys and men, please realize this story is nothing but a fictional flight of fancy for the erotic pleasure of those who choose to read it, and not intended to advocate or inspire such behavior in real life. I intend to answer everyone's e-mail. Thanks again!This story is NOT copyrighted and is considered part of the public domain.Tom Borden
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